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  • Archidec® created a large collection of 3d wall panels designs , they’re also called MDF Wall Panels, carved 3d wall panels, 3d wave panels, sculptured wall panels , carved wall panels, decorative wall panels … Check details
  • Guangdong Archidec® Factory Co., Ltd. has hundreds of Designs and Samples for clients to choose from , but also could be customized no matter how difficult it is or other company can not make , sometimes if you have a very large area want to make design … Check details
  • All Archidec® decorative 3d wall panels are designed by Computer, the pattern flows seamlessly from one panel to another when panels fix together . sometimes … Check details

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Archidec is leading 3d wall panels and mdf wall panels factory

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Cast with non-combustible mineral, you can breathe easy! Our products are durable, safe and healthy. And now introducing 20% post consumer recycled material panels!

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Archidec is a manufacturer of 3d wall panels,mdf wall panels and wave wall panels in China

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...the healthy,


fire-safe choice



since 1990’s

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mdf wall panels

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